Championing Traditional Scottish & Irish Music In North America For 30 Years

'The Brigadoons' at 'New Hampshire Highland Games' Loon by Anura Guruge

‘The Brigadoons’ at the ‘New Hampshire Highland Games’ in Loon in September 2015.

logosfdgsf‘The Brigadoons’ have been the mainstay of numerous Highland Games and Scottish events in both the United States and Canada for the last three decades. They have been perennial favorites at the ‘Capital District Scottish Games’ (New York State), the ‘New Hampshire Highland Games’ at Loon, the ‘Glengarry Highland Games’ (Canada), the ‘St. Raphael’s Galarama’ (South Glengarry) and the ‘Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival’ (Colorado) for as long as people can remember.

halloffame‘The Brigadoons’ were inducted to ‘The Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame’ in 2006.

‘The Brigadoons’ now consists of:

Denis Carr — Vocals & Percussion

Paddy Kelly — Vocals, Guitar & Fiddle

Reg Portieous — Vocals, Guitar & Irish Bouzouki

Ashley Macleod — Fiddle

Dan Leroux — Bass & vocals


“The Brigadoons” in 2014 at ‘The St Raphael’s Parish Galarama’


“The Brigadoons” 2013


“The Brigadoons” 2012

Coming Events in the U.S.

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6 thoughts on “Championing Traditional Scottish & Irish Music In North America For 30 Years

  1. Hello
    I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed hearing you on Saturday at the festival. I was so excited that you were going to sing “Gentle Annie”. We had to leave because the person we brought with us wasn’t feeling well. The first time I ever heard that song is when I was in a nursing home for rehab from 2 major surgeries and a heart attack 5 years ago. Gerry Timlin came to the nursing home and put on a show in March. He sang that song and my husband said that it was a perfect song for me. I haven’t heard it since that one time except to listen to Tommy Makem sing it on utube. So, hopefully I will hear you sing it next year.
    Your band is great and so uplifting!
    Thanks again!
    Ann Helbe


  2. Hi I was just at the Scottish Festival in Hertiage Park, in Plantation,Florida on Sat May 5th & i have to say, your performance was by far the best & most entertaining event that day! You guys are all amazing! I had a wonderful day! Thank you!


  3. Thank you for your Kind words. ‘Gentle Annie’ is a great tune & Gerry indeed does a Great job on it. I am so glad you enjoyed & for sure we will do the song for you next year
    The Brigadoons (Reg Portieous)


  4. Thank for your kind words It was our first time at this venue .Sorry we did not have Ashley with us But Paddy always does a great job on Fiddle as well . Hopefully we will be able to come down again sometime and entertain So glad you enjoyed our Music It is People like yourself that keep us performing all these years
    The Brigadoons (Reg Portieous)


  5. Hi my name is Michel Diotte and I’am the new owner of the bonnie glen. I was wondering if you were available to come and play this winter? I want to do a Robb Burns event. And it would be on the Saturday the 28th of January or the weekend before on the 21st of January. Please let me know if you guy’s be interested?

    Kind Regards



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